Saturday 23 December 2023

Sports ministry suspends newly elected WFI after Sakshi Malik's retirement

 New Delhi: The Centre has suspended the newly elected Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) till further orders. Last week, BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh's close aide Sanjay Singh was elected as the president of the body that controls wrestling in India. In the wake of the election of Singh's loyalist, Olympic-medal winner Sakshi Malik announced her retirement from wrestling.

"Sanjay Kumar Singh, newly-elected president of WFI announced on 21.12.2023, the day he was elected as president, that U-15 and U-20 nationals for Wrestling will take place in Nandini Nagar, Gonda (UP) before the end of this year. This announcement is hasty, without giving sufficient notice to wrestlers who are to take part in the said nationals and without following the provisions of the constitution of WFI. As per clause 3 (e) of preamble of constitution of WFI, object of the WFI, among others, is to arrange holding of Senior, Junior and Sub Junior National Championships as per UWW Rules at places selected by the Executive Committee," the source told PTI.

                               Last week, in an emotional press conference, Sakshi Malik put her shoes on the table in protest of Sanjay Singh's election and announced her decision to quit wrestling. This came months after several star wrestlers accused Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh of sexually harassing women wrestlers and protested against him for several weeks.


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